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“Lead singer Eric Moeckel’s voice sounds a bit like pre-“Kid A” Thom Yorke, and the band plays the sort of richly layered space rock Radiohead perfected with “The Bends.” But the Sextons somehow manage not to sound overly derivative on the disc, which is filled with dreamy, swirling and expertly constructed melodies.”
– Saint Paul Pioneer Press –

“Tunes like “Uninvited” provide stirring proof that indeed there are still rock bands out there comfortable setting a trembling-lipped tenor atop thorny guitar patches in an enticing manner.”
– Metromix –

“Frontman Eric Moeckel — who played solo around town before starting the band — sounds a little like Jeff Buckley with his high, wavering voice, but the eerie guitar work and soft-to-loud explosiveness on the quartet’s eight-song disc recalls “Bends”/”Computer”-era Radiohead…”
– Minneapolis Star Tribune –

“The Sextons’ melodic indie pop is dangerously catchy. Just have a little taste and you might be hooked.”
– Rift Magazine –

“Armed with layered guitars and passionate drumming, The Sextons have managed to gel their instrumental intensity with harmonious, delicate vocals and beautifully crafted atmospheric undertones.”
– Minneapolis Underground Music Examiner –

“Long for the time when Radiohead ripped on The Bends?…The guitar work is spot-on, especially when set against Eric Moeckel’s crooning vocals.”
– Bricks and Mortar Media –

“This band writes pop songs that come with all the allurable trappings, and we wouldn’t be surprised if locals get taken hook, line, and sinker in 2010.”
– Borangutan –

“Nice, free-flowing smooth melodic pop from Minnesota’s The Sextons. This self-titled album is the debut from these four fellows but it has the sound and maturity of a group that has been playing together for years…[They] are off on a strong footing here, presenting credible, strong cuts.”

“The Sextons serve up serene and operatic rock dang near on par with some of Radiohead’s finest balladry.”
– Metromix –